Family Law Situations that Require Involving a Child Custody Lawyer

Certain family law cases can affect the legal rights of a child. A majority of parents are careful to know whether they will continue living with their children along with performing their role in raising them. Cost is an important factor in such cases, but seeking help from a child custody lawyer can help in protecting the rights of all the parties involved. A family law firm Adelaide has for instance is capable of providing legal support for attaining mutual consensus in cases such as the ones listed below.

1. Divorce cases

Parents oftentimes wonder how support and visitation issues can be resolved especially in cases relating to divorce. Visitation, property division and financial support are among the important points which come up in such instances. Factors like these determine the approach that is appropriate for reaching an agreement that benefits their children. The couple might settle for informal mediation or negotiation with the intervention of a family law firm Adelaide offers, for example. They may wish to present the case to a legal court for evaluation by a judge, if this does not work.

2. Cases Involving Unmarried Parents

There are some cases of family law in which the parents are unmarried. In many instances, the mother is usually awarded legal rights over the children. The father may take legal action to secure some kind of guardianship and visitation rights too. Generally, cases of unmarried parents are subject to the same legal approach as those for divorce. A family law firm Adelaide has can help such parents reach a fair agreement through their reputable child custody lawyers. The father may proceed with the case in court if the mother appears reluctant to do it. The resolution for unmarried parents may not be as complicated as that applied in divorce cases, especially since the aspects of spousal support and property division do not apply.

3. Non-parental cases

Non-parental cases involve situations where other individuals apart from biological parents desire obtaining rights of guardianship. Close family friends, aunts, uncles and grandparents fall in this category. Normally, the state offers a suitable approach that these individuals can follow for claiming custody. One could even approach a family law firm Adelaide has to provide the requisite assistance in filing a non-parental petition with the family court. Such a petition needs to address three important aspects of concern. These are the individual’s relationship with the child, state of biological parents, whether dead or alive and reason for claiming guardianship. Living parents require being issued with a copy of this petition.

Custodial cases tend to get further complicated if parents are not willing to reach a mutual resolution. Child custody lawyers working with family law firms in Adelaide can intervene to address all pertinent concerns touching on support and visitation for such cases. If either parent or both of them move to a family court, the lawyer would offer legal assistance to the parents through the process along with providing the options available to them following a verdict by the court.

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