Top Tips for Ensuring Kid’s Safety When Playing in a Jumping Castle

Jumping castles provide one of the best and cheapest forms of entertainment when celebrating a kid’s birthday. They are intriguing, fun and children love it. However, when you rent one from Melbourne Jumping Castle Hire services, you have to ensure that it is safe for everyone especially the kids playing in it. How do you ensure safety?

Here are top tips you can follow to minimize any risk of an accident.

1. Make sure you hire a high quality bouncing castle. Whenever you look at a Melbourne Jumping Castle Hire company, ensure that is reputable, has the experience and only stock high-quality castles that come with a guarantee. If you have to, ask the business to provide the manufacturers contact as well as the safety compliance certificate.

2. Always ask your hiring company for recommendation and advice on the ideal place to erect the jumping castle. While the castle can be set on an open ground, it should never be inflated on a rough surface where stones or shrubs can puncture it. Also, if you are setting up the castle on your own, make sure that the supplier provides high metal pegs to fix the castle properly to the ground.

3. Avoid using the castles in high winds and rain. Although they are big, bouncing castles are filled with air inside and castle just as easily tip over when there is a strong wind. If it blows over, it can lead to a catastrophic accident for everyone around. Rain is also dangerous as it can cause slips and awkward falls.

4. Always have adult supervision whenever the castle is being used. It is important that someone watches over the kids to ensure that they do not climb on the walls, play with their shoes on or overcrowd the castle. As much as the bouncing castle keep the kids occupied you should release that it is not a babysitter, and therefore children should not be left alone at any time the castle is being used.

5. Regulate the use of the jumping castle. The supervisor should try not to allow children of varying ages to play at the same time. Older kids are known to be energetic and fidgety so they may fall on the smaller children when playing.

6. Monitor the pressure level at all times. When the air pressure is too much, the castle can easily tear or worse, burst; this can be very dangerous and can cause a traumatizing experience for the kids. On the other hand, low pressure is also a great concern since the inflatable will not have a good bouncing rate. If kids play on such a castle, they can hit the ground hard and hurt themselves.

With the above six top tips for ensuring kid’s safety when using an inflatable, there is no doubt that you will give the children a great time on your next party. Always observe and implement this advice whenever you rent any inflatable from Melbourne Jumping castle hire companies.